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Fast track your journey to tech leadership with the skill that has changed the way our corporate clients work.

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Storytelling-for-Techies ™

Who is this program for?

Solution architects, Data scientists, Data engineers, Technical specialists, Product managers, Technical managers who want to …

Excel at communication with customers, present solutions to leadership teams, engage with tech partners teams, enhance data storytelling skills

Host webinars, create tech blogs, media articles, and support marketing/ business development efforts

Share knowledge in tech/community events, conduct trainings, build the foundations to leap into tech leadership 

Become an authority in their line of work, build a personal brand and a followership on LinkedIn, future-proof their career with a digital footprint  

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Program Structure

Part 1: Explore Storytelling: In fiction and everything else

Discover the secret behind those wonderful fictional stories that have captivated audiences for ages – be it in movies, advertisements, novels, or short stories.

Understand the differences between linear and non-linear storytelling. Learn the components that make a great story, such as plot, characters, details, friction, pace, depth, focus, tone, etc

2 hours
Explore Storytelling

Part 2: Create the blueprint for non-fiction stories in business

Explore the world of nonfiction storytelling. While structurally the same as fiction, business narratives require additional components to address the complex nature of transactions.

Learn how to build knowledge gaps, raise the stakes, get buy-in, and sway your jury with StoryEQ’s proprietary frameworks.

2 hours
Create the blueprint

Part 3: Apply the blueprint for tech business scenarios

Understand how narratives evolve along the lines of technology adoption, so that your communication can accurately resonate with your customer.

Build on years of technology, consulting, and marketing experience of the coach to create presentations, blogs, articles, and webinars that your clients will love to consume.

2 hours

Part 4: Market your expertise and chart your growth path

Chart your path from techie to a tech leader by understanding the fundamentals of “presence” – on LinkedIn, media, and other online and offline channels.

Learn how to build a digital footprint, portfolio, and a personal brand for short-term and long-term career growth.

2 hours
Market your expertise

Skills Learnt & Outcomes


  • Identify story-worthy experiences from life & work
  • Use the right narrative format to promote those experiences
  • Formulate presentation/blog/webinar narrative in minutes
  • Add emotion, empathy according to your audience needs
  • Incorporate Data storytelling in your narratives
  • Establish instant connect and credibility
  • Inspire and persuade at will
  • Build digital footprint and a personal brand
  • Connect to influencers and build your profile
  • Chart you transition from a techie to a tech leader


  • You view all content through the storytelling lens
  • You think and speak only in narrative formats
  • You persuade audience without effort
  • Your clients are less inclined to interrupt your presentation
  • Marketing/sales teams desperately want to work with you
  • Community managers invite you to present your knowledge
  • You look forward to an opportunity to present/ write
  • You evolved from a consumer to a creator on LinkedIn
  • You eagerly look forward to appraisals/review meetings
  • You feel invincible

Upcoming Programs


9:30 AM - 1:45 PM
June15th & 16th
July6th & 7th
Only 12 Members /Cohort


INR 12,520
* Enrolling participants from India only

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How do I know if I qualify for this program?

If you are an architect, data scientist, tech lead, or a technical manager required to manage a team, or interact with clients, or business teams, this program is a must for you. Furthermore, if your hard work is not translating into results, this program will help you share your expertise far and wide to achieve that result.

How many hours should I put into this program?

The training is for 8 hours, after which you will need at least 8 hours of hands-on time to absorb the skill.

What materials will I get after the program?

This program is designed to give you an experience so that it brings about a transformation. However, you will be provided with materials which can be used as reference and will facilitate continuous learning.

Will I have access to the trainer after the course?

Yes, for 5 days consecutive after the training. Further, participants will have access to a private LinkedIn group through which questions can be shared. It will provide other participants the opportunity to learn from your experience as well.

What happens if I can't attend the live sessions on the specified date?

It’s best to plan accordingly. In unforeseen situations, you will have an opportunity to attend along with future batches.

Will I get a refund if I am unable to attend live training?

Unfortunately, no. You will be asked to join future training batches.

What's the next step after attending the program?

You should plan to create a blog/article/webinar/presentation, share it with your marketing team to publish it under your name on the company website or a publication. Then share the same on your LinkedIn handle to see how people in your network respond to the content. If you plan to do a webinar, talk to your marketing/ business team for the next steps.

How can I use this course for career development?

A detailed plan on building digital footprint, personal branding, and career building will be shared in the course.

Can I ask my organization to compensate me for the training?

Your Business Unit will have might have budgets allocated for individual development. In return for the org spending, you could commit to write few blogs or host a webinar. Please take permissions ahead of time. StoryEQ will present you with the certificate of completion and an invoice to facilitate this need.