Be a brand of choice in just 3-steps

1. Be found

#be_found by empowering your techies to create narratives rooted in first-hand experiences.

Showcase your research, hacks, consultations, implementations, experiments, perspectives, etc.

2. Be trusted

#be_trusted by consistently promoting the tech narratives in various online and offline avenues.

Build (and sustain) credibility with prospects for your expertise and be considered for business.

3. Be remembered

#be_remembered by infusing your brand story into these tech narratives and promotions.

Establish brand differentiation and ensure top-of-mind recall to secure a place in the vendor list.

Let us help you devise a high-powered plan to bolster your marketing strategy with Storytelling-for-Techies ®

Hear it from the leaders

My team was quite ecstatic after attending the Storytelling-for-Techies training. The content they produce will be an enormous boost for our marketing activities.

Jeevan Dongre

Co-founder & CEO Antstack Technologies

Narrative skill is a ‘must-have’ for tech professionals who are in a position to influence customer decisions. At StoryEQ, they do a commendable job of making this a reality.

Harish Ganesan

Co-founder Invisbl Cloud

Discover why your peers chose StoryEQ to drive their organizations forward.

Redefining the economics of high-quality content production

Unlike tech products, tech-services firms usually struggle to create high quality content given that the ‘stuff’ is buried deep inside the minds of their techies.

But, did you know you can overcome this limitation and create credibility-building, conversion-worthy marketing assets at scale without additional investment?

We are eager to share our approach.

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Storytelling For Tech Professionals

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Restore the role of marketing in the organization’s growth

We get it! It’s not easy to sustain the credibility of the brand and drive growth, given the frenzied pace at which technology is changing.

Hence StoryEQ! Our commitment is to restore the rightful place of the marketing function in your organization’s growth. Let’s chat.

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