Storytelling For Tech Leaders

Inspire and persuade at will, regardless of the audience

Anytime, anywhere, with business storytelling skills designed for tech leaders.


Extend your sphere of influence to all your business audience

The archaic ‘one-size-fits-all’ type of business narrative approach does not apply to tech leaders. The audience is varied, as are their needs and expectations.

With StoryEQ’s predefined frameworks, you can now customize your narratives and extend your influence on demand.

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Prospect Narrative

Influencer Narrative

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Hear it from the leaders

Narrative skill is a ‘must-have’ for tech professionals who are in a position to influence customer decisions. At StoryEQ, they do a commendable job of making this a reality.

Harish Ganesan

Co-founder Invisbl Cloud

As an entrepreneur, my biggest challenge isn’t about getting a VC’s time, rather keeping their interest in my pitch. Narrative-thinking skills from StoryEQ were a big help.

Santosh Muralidharan

CEO, Entrepreneur HaiData, Blinkeye Labs

Discover why your peers chose StoryEQ to drive their organizations forward.

Shifting from stage-presence to stage-influence

For too long, leader narratives were about staged performance – focusing on charisma and stage presence.

What tech organizations want from their leaders is persuasiveness, business outcomes, and results. It’s time we change the narrative focus from stage-presence to stage-influence.

We are eager to share our approach.

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