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As a business storytelling coach, I help tech services firms convert their experiences into revenue growth.

Having started my career as a programmer 23 years ago, I developed a keen insight into all aspects of SDLC for more than a decade, before switching over to marketing. Only this time, I was programming minds and engineering outcomes!

Subsequently, as a consultant, and later as head of marketing of many cloud-data-analytics firms, I worked closely with engineers, architects, and leaders, advancing my technical knowledge while helping them promote the brand, the minds, and their work to a global audience.

Sensing the surge of opportunities for techies to present their experiences to a global audience, and the profound effects it can have on the brand and revenue, I delved deep into nonfiction storytelling and narrative thinking in the pursuit of codifying the skill.

The result is the training program Storytelling-for-Techies . In short, the program is an amalgamation of narration science, tech consulting, marketing, and my insights into B2B technology buying behaviors.

While the primary aim of the training is to empower participants to think like a consultant, script like a writer, and present like a marketer, the impact it has on the organization is far-reaching.

  • Engineers and architects get to build a personal brand and authority
  • Leaders get vocal with employees, partners, prospects, media, and analysts
  • Marketing teams receive valuable content to build a credible brand
  • And, the organization ultimately increases its revenue potential.

Small tweaks, profound outcomes. Now, that’s true leverage!

About StoryEQ

The practice of business storytelling is deep-rooted in empathy & human values, and it can transform careers, businesses, and the professional themselves. Such power should be in the hands of every individual.

Hence StoryEQ – democratizing storytelling, democratizing growth!

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