Storytelling-for-Techies® Powered by StoryEqualizer®

Presenting the immersive, hands-on narrative skills workshop for techies that helps you build ‘narrative thinking’-one of the primary skill of tech leaders!

Now, create quality digital footprint, personal brand, and take charge of your career/organizational growth.

Let the alchemy begin!

‘Discover’ the holy grail of storytelling

Using a blend of pattern recognition, perspectives taking, and hands-on/ experiential learning, you’ll regress to the basic of storytelling by your own effort – a true ‘aha’ experience!

Create the blueprint for business storytelling

By taking a consultant approach to problem solving, you’ll systematically deconstruct and construct information that forms the building blocks of business storytelling.

Convert blueprint into channel-agnostic content

You’ll learn to convert the blueprint into a variety of persuasive marketable content – articles, blogs, webinars, presentations, idea pitch, leadership narrative, to name a few.

Humanize the story to resonate with your audience

Using the StoryEqualizer® framework, you ‘ll learn to humanize the content -from structured facts to a lively narrative- to address the emotional and rational aspects of the audience.

Test drive your narrativeskills for impact

Employ the new skill you’ve learnt to prepare for a business scenario of your choice, course correct, present/publish, and hear your audience root for you!

Storytelling-for-Techies Powered by StoryEqualizer®

Your bridge between success and phenomenal success.

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